Cabinet Factory Outlet Supports the Arbor Day Foundation

With all of the recent natural disasters occurring, we here at Cabinet Factory Outlet, Plus are taking action to relieve these areas affected. Wildfires in the west and hurricanes in the south and east have taken a toll on the landscape. Here in the Omaha metro we’re having our trees destroyed by the worst infestation of the Japanese beetle ever according to the Omaha World Herald. Being in the cabinet industry we like to keep a close eye on the issue of deforestation and do our best to make sure we’re doing anything to help. 

We’d like to invite you guys, the customers to do the same. The Arbor Day Foundation is a fantastic organization helping combat deforestation in communities across America that need it most. Visit to make a donation and get a tree planted in your honor or for a loved one. Under the “Donate” tab on their website you’ll find multiple ways to have your donation count.  

Pet Nooks for Pet-Friendly Kitchens

A kitchen is often the place in one’s home where everyone congregates. It’s a place of eating, laughing and socializing with the ones we love. And when designing a kitchen layout, our Omaha kitchen designers take into consideration the needs and desires of your family – including pets.

Pets have a special place in the home, and deserve to eat and be comfortable amongstheir family. This includes a place in the kitchen. Our kitchen cabinet designers can include a pet nook that fits perfectly into your kitchen cabinet layout. Options for a pet feeding nook are customizable – from extending a kitchen counter, to shortening a kitchen cabinet, to building it into an island – meeting the needs of your pets. Special considerations can also be taken for pet food storage, with easy access near a pet feeding nook.

Whether small, large, young, old, cat or dog, our Omaha kitchen designers are happy to work toward the comfort and inclusion of your pets. Come visit our Omaha kitchen cabinet showroom and meet any of our designers, who would love to help design your dream kitchen!

Our New Designers!

Amber and Dana have recently joined our kitchen design team! We’re happy to have them aboard, here’s a bit about them:

Amber Evenson grew up in Wisconsin where she went to school and graduated with a degree in Interior Design. After traveling the world, she has settled down making Omaha her new home. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and the outdoors. Her favorite part of kitchen design is helping people understand how they use their space, and creating kitchens they will love for years to come.

Dana graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design.  She has made her career in kitchen and bath design for over 35 years. She enjoys keeping up on trends in the industry through the educational articles and programs provided by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  In 1995 she received her Certification as a kitchen designer from the NKBA, since then she has actively participated on the board of officers for the Nebraska/Kansas Chapter of NKBA.  Dana’s attention to detail transforms dreams into reality, you can be confident that your project will be efficient as well as beautiful.  “I love kitchen design, because every case is different and poses new design challenges to overcome.”

Yorktowne Kitchen Cabinets for Quality and Durability

As a premier retailer of kitchen cabinets in Omaha, Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus partners with the best manufacturers from around the country, in order to bring the most durable products to your Omaha home. One such manufacturer is Yorktowne Cabinetry.

yorktowne kitchen cabinet logoA family-owned company since 1920, Yorktowne Cabinetry is the fifth largest cabinet supplier in the country. Kitchen cabinets from Yorktowne Cabinetry boast quality craftsmanship and durability. With a variety of styles and a large selection of materials, the innovation and care Yorktowne takes in its design sets it apart from others in its industry. And, by building products that last, Yorktowne reduces the need for our Omaha kitchen cabinet customers to upgrade their kitchen cabinets less frequently.

With endless options for islands, hoods, accessories, food and pantry designs, our Omaha kitchen designers can provide expert advice on design, material and style. Carrying a variety of quality cabinet manufacturers allows our designers at CFOP to serve our customers better.

Allow our kitchen cabinet designers help layout and outfit your dream kitchen by stopping by our Omaha showroom!

Rollout Trays for Functional Kitchen Cabinet Space

Kitchens should be both beautiful and functional. Being a place that is both social and functional often needs extra thought for ideal layouts and accessories. Cabinets Factory Outlet Plus has a team of Omaha kitchen designers that can assist in creating a beautiful and functional kitchen space.

Behind kitchen cabinets, we can design efficient storage – giving you easy access to everything you need. Rollout trays are an ideal way to maximize space and function in any kitchen.

Among the many reasons homeowners like rollouts, they provide easy access to pantry items or tools, streamline cooking, save your back and knees from crawling to the back of a cabinet and simplify cooking.  Our kitchen designers can customize any space based on what will be stored and overall kitchen space.

From narrow rollouts, to small trays to entire pantries – it’s our job at CFOP to make kitchen cabinets beautiful and functional. Our professional team can tackle any kitchen, no matter how big our small, and create your dream kitchen.

Top 10 Reason to Choose VT Dimensions Laminate Countertops

  1. The look. From Bold dramatic patterns to calming subdued patterns the newest looks from Formica or Wilsonart use digital printing to give the rich look for stone and wood.
  2. The feel of it. The warm friendly feel to the touch is part of every laminate top, unlike stone tops that are cool to the touch and pull the heat out of your plates when in contact to them. They also pull your body heat when you’re in contact with them.
  3. Your homes health. VT dimensions tops are green guard certified. This means they’re specially sealed to make sure they aren’t giving off residual gases unlike stone tops.
  4. Save the mountains!  We are not making more mountains! Granite is excavated and turned into the slabs we see, or in the case of quartz it is ground up and reformed into the slabs that are cut for your countertop. Normally these are shipped from India, Brazil, China, South Korea, the Middle East, or Spain. The logistics of buying stone add to the carbon footprint.
  5. Easy to care for. Just wipe them down with damp cloth for daily cleaning. One smooth surface with the only seam usually being in the corner.
  6. Natural lightweight material. Compared to stone tops dimension tops weight a fraction of the weight, yet perform well.
  7. Cost effective, VT dimension tops from VT cost much less then stone or quartz tops and while they are not going to last 10,000 years as the granite tops do, they will perform well for years.
  8. Adding to the point above, when your top starts look dated it’s much easier and cheaper to remove it and update it.
  9. Easy to modify, while we will fabricate your top to your size it’s possible to work on other cuts (like a sink cut) at home. Standard carpenter tools and a little time are all that is needed.
  10. Speed. We have some of the most popular finishes in stock for faster service. Our normal lead time is 7 days on stock countertops.

Granite Countertops Offer Durability and Beauty

When thinking through a kitchen remodel or overall kitchen design, kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops are among the important decisions. Cabinets and countertops help set the tone for color and atmosphere in a kitchen, but they also provide function. Countertops – in particular – provide function and beauty in both material and space. 

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus, we provide Omaha homeowners with a variety of countertop options. Among our favorite countertop material is granite. Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to almost any kitchen. Its benefits include a lasting value, that doesn’t deprecate. The natural surface is almost luminous and is extremely unique. A granite countertop can take the heat of a pan off the stove, is sanitary and is easy to clean with warm water and a mild soap.

Working with our Omaha kitchen designers is important when planning for a granite countertop. Due to granite’s heavy weight and intensive installation requirements overall kitchen design is critical to plan. From kitchen cabinets to kitchen layout, our Omaha kitchen designers can assist with the entire kitchen design, planning an ideal space for granite countertops.

Paying for your Kitchen Remodel

According to the national average cost of a kitchen remodel is $21,658. With this in mind you could shoot for above or below that price. Here’s a guide to paying for your remodel and what to expect with your budget. Many people under estimate the cost of a remodel. Kitchen cabinets are only approximately 30% of the total cost for a kitchen remodel. Other costs can include: design fees, install, lighting, countertops, appliances, flooring, walls, ceilings, and plumbing. For lower cost kitchens here are a few tips for keeping your costs down.

  • Re-use your appliances.
  • Save on design fees by utilizing our totally free kitchen design service.
  • Switch out granite or quartz for a laminate top
  • Pick something that works with your existing layout and flooring.
  • If possible, complete the project in phases

Unavoidable expenses would mostly be those of the cabinets, which can vary in price. Also, the cost of installing them is usually an expense you don’t want to skip out on. Installing your own kitchen cabinets can be risky or hiring a low cost contractor can lead to less than desirable results. The average cost for a good contractor can be up to $60 an hour. For your Omaha kitchen remodel we have a list of contractors we can refer you to and find one that’s appropriate for your budget.

Above all, it’s important when going into a project this big that you have an extra few thousand dollars for security. Projects of this scale have a lot of components and it’s not uncommon to tear things apart and need to update some of the bones of the house. Planning an exact number for a kitchen remodel is unrealistic in itself so give yourself a window of a few thousand dollars. 

Omaha Kitchen Cabinet Designers Offer Koch Co., Inc., Cabinets

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus in Omaha, we offer a wide variety of products and quality manufacturers. Our showroom includes Omaha’s best selection of quality kitchen cabinet manufacturers and our Omaha kitchen designers are eager to listen and help design your dream kitchen.

Koch & Co Inc LogoAmong our list of manufacturers includes Koch and Company, Inc. Koch & Co., Inc., began in 1989 out of Seneca, Kan. Almost 30 years later, they are an industry leader and one of the most sought after lines in the industry with hundreds of employees, providing kitchen cabinets to dealers across the country.

Being a local leader in the Omaha market for kitchen cabinets, Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus is selective in its cabinet manufacturers. Koch Express is our choice with very high quality at a lower price point. Having deliveries twice a week means less lead time, should you need a non-stocked item. Koch’s Classic line provides 20 door styles, 11 stain options and six paint colors. These kitchen cabinets are durable and beautiful, with all the options and can provide a perfect cabinet for every home. Ask about our free drawer upgrade with the plywood option.

Our Omaha kitchen designers are proud to carrier Koch & Co., Inc., cabinets in our showroom and proud to use them in their thoughtful and strategic kitchen layouts. Stop by our Omaha showroom to see all that Koch & Co., Inc., offers and begin on your dream kitchen planning today!

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a great way to dress up your Omaha kitchen, but also offer a lot more kitchen storage. Trends with islands are always changing, just like the rest of the kitchen. Here are couple things that the CFO design team are raving about right now:

Uninterrupted kitchen islands are a nice way to make a space look really clean. This means not putting things like sinks or other appliances in the island to keep the countertop not so cluttered looking. Also, keeping everything on one level with no staggered heights keep things crisp and modern. Another trend is to make your island cabinets a different color. Doing this and finding colors that work together can really make a space amazing.

Butcher block islands are also hot right now and can add extra function. Contrary to what most people believe studies have shown that butcher blocks actually harvest less bacteria than plastic alternatives. Underneath it all, it’s important to make sure your new kitchen island is easy to keep organized. Companies like Rev-A-Shelf and ShelfGenie are making pullouts and such to make sure your kitchen cabinets work as well on the inside as they look on the outside.

-The kitchen design team at CFO