Granite Countertops Offer Durability and Beauty

When thinking through a kitchen remodel or overall kitchen design, kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops are among the important decisions. Cabinets and countertops help set the tone for color and atmosphere in a kitchen, but they also provide function. Countertops – in particular – provide function and beauty in both material and space. 

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus, we provide Omaha homeowners with a variety of countertop options. Among our favorite countertop material is granite. Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to almost any kitchen. Its benefits include a lasting value, that doesn’t deprecate. The natural surface is almost luminous and is extremely unique. A granite countertop can take the heat of a pan off the stove, is sanitary and is easy to clean with warm water and a mild soap.

Working with our Omaha kitchen designers is important when planning for a granite countertop. Due to granite’s heavy weight and intensive installation requirements overall kitchen design is critical to plan. From kitchen cabinets to kitchen layout, our Omaha kitchen designers can assist with the entire kitchen design, planning an ideal space for granite countertops.

Paying for your Kitchen Remodel

According to the national average cost of a kitchen remodel is $21,658. With this in mind you could shoot for above or below that price. Here’s a guide to paying for your remodel and what to expect with your budget. Many people under estimate the cost of a remodel. Kitchen cabinets are only approximately 30% of the total cost for a kitchen remodel. Other costs can include: design fees, install, lighting, countertops, appliances, flooring, walls, ceilings, and plumbing. For lower cost kitchens here are a few tips for keeping your costs down.

  • Re-use your appliances.
  • Save on design fees by utilizing our totally free kitchen design service.
  • Switch out granite or quartz for a laminate top
  • Pick something that works with your existing layout and flooring.
  • If possible, complete the project in phases

Unavoidable expenses would mostly be those of the cabinets, which can vary in price. Also, the cost of installing them is usually an expense you don’t want to skip out on. Installing your own kitchen cabinets can be risky or hiring a low cost contractor can lead to less than desirable results. The average cost for a good contractor can be up to $60 an hour. For your Omaha kitchen remodel we have a list of contractors we can refer you to and find one that’s appropriate for your budget.

Above all, it’s important when going into a project this big that you have an extra few thousand dollars for security. Projects of this scale have a lot of components and it’s not uncommon to tear things apart and need to update some of the bones of the house. Planning an exact number for a kitchen remodel is unrealistic in itself so give yourself a window of a few thousand dollars. 

Omaha Kitchen Cabinet Designers Offer Koch Co., Inc., Cabinets

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus in Omaha, we offer a wide variety of products and quality manufacturers. Our showroom includes Omaha’s best selection of quality kitchen cabinet manufacturers and our Omaha kitchen designers are eager to listen and help design your dream kitchen.

Koch & Co Inc LogoAmong our list of manufacturers includes Koch and Company, Inc. Koch & Co., Inc., began in 1989 out of Seneca, Kan. Almost 30 years later, they are an industry leader and one of the most sought after lines in the industry with hundreds of employees, providing kitchen cabinets to dealers across the country.

Being a local leader in the Omaha market for kitchen cabinets, Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus is selective in its cabinet manufacturers. Koch Express is our choice with very high quality at a lower price point. Having deliveries twice a week means less lead time, should you need a non-stocked item. Koch’s Classic line provides 20 door styles, 11 stain options and six paint colors. These kitchen cabinets are durable and beautiful, with all the options and can provide a perfect cabinet for every home. Ask about our free drawer upgrade with the plywood option.

Our Omaha kitchen designers are proud to carrier Koch & Co., Inc., cabinets in our showroom and proud to use them in their thoughtful and strategic kitchen layouts. Stop by our Omaha showroom to see all that Koch & Co., Inc., offers and begin on your dream kitchen planning today!

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a great way to dress up your Omaha kitchen, but also offer a lot more kitchen storage. Trends with islands are always changing, just like the rest of the kitchen. Here are couple things that the CFO design team are raving about right now:

Uninterrupted kitchen islands are a nice way to make a space look really clean. This means not putting things like sinks or other appliances in the island to keep the countertop not so cluttered looking. Also, keeping everything on one level with no staggered heights keep things crisp and modern. Another trend is to make your island cabinets a different color. Doing this and finding colors that work together can really make a space amazing.

Butcher block islands are also hot right now and can add extra function. Contrary to what most people believe studies have shown that butcher blocks actually harvest less bacteria than plastic alternatives. Underneath it all, it’s important to make sure your new kitchen island is easy to keep organized. Companies like Rev-A-Shelf and ShelfGenie are making pullouts and such to make sure your kitchen cabinets work as well on the inside as they look on the outside.

-The kitchen design team at CFO

Summer in Nebraska and Iowa During Kitchen Remodel

Being here in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, remodeling is affected by the seasons. Kitchen remodeling during summer is a good idea because it gives us more options to work around with the kitchen being out of commission. Many of us would be outside grilling, anyway. We’d also recommend setting up a temporary kitchen off to the side with some of those important smaller appliances, like the microwave or coffee maker.

A remodel can also take some time. A repeat customer of ours said “during out first remodel I was working all day and gone some weekends. Being retired I was here for everything and it was like “work”, and seemed to take longer.” Luckily, summer in Omaha offers lots of festivals, outdoor dining options, weekend events, and museums. It might also be a good idea to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. With plenty of options to stay occupied, a summer remodel can fly by.

Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus Member of SEN Design Group

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and service in Omaha. Whether for kitchen remodels, small kitchen updates or kitchen advice, our team Omaha's Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus a member of SEN Design Groupof kitchen designers are educated in kitchen cabinets, countertops, kitchen design and industry standards.

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus of Omaha is a member of SEN Design Group. SEN believes that education and coaching is a fundamental part of a successful business and it provides members with resources and seminars for continued education on products, design and industry standards. SEN Design Group also partners with many premier kitchen and bath cabinet and countertop vendors, allowing Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus customers to benefit from quality products at affordable prices.

Our kitchen cabinet showroom is the best in Omaha because of its products, people and commitment to education. When investing in a kitchen remodel, homeowners can’t afford sub-par cabinets and countertops – nor a poorly designed layout. Trust the experts at Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus, who are backed by SEN Design Group, to guide you in product and design.

White Kitchen Cabinets – A Timeless Choice

Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus helps homeowners across the Omaha-metro design their dream kitchen. With expert advice on kitchen cabinet manufacturers, countertop material, layout design and colors, our Omaha kitchen designers are eager to help design your custom kitchen.

Our Omaha kitchen cabinet showroom showcases kitchen cabinets in a vast variety of colors – many of which homeowners might have never even considered before visiting our showroom. And since we’ve been designing kitchens, working with homeowners and partnering with the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers for many years, one trend seems to remain – white kitchen cabinets. In recent years, some cabinet manufactures are reporting 40-50-even 60% of sales are some shade of white; while a trade magazine reports 40+% in 2017.

White kitchen cabinets are timeless. They are a universal color that pairs with almost anything, making accessories pop, complimenting any color appliance and allowing for flexibility with décor. White kitchen cabinets also brighten up kitchens – reflecting natural light – as well as giving an appearance of spaciousness and cleanliness. And while white continues – and will continue – to be popular, our Omaha kitchen cabinet company has also seen a rise in grey cabinets. Light grey can also offer many of the benefits listed above – while also being easier to clean and not as sterile looking.

Our vast variety of kitchen cabinet manufacturers gives our Omaha kitchen designers flexibility in style, size and color – as not all shades of whites work together so choices are important – allowing them to meet function and budget. But with so many options it’s hard to choose. Please visit our Omaha kitchen cabinet showroom and meet with one of our experienced kitchen designers to decide which color, style and manufacturer will fit your needs and budget.

Corner Sinks for Saving Kitchen Space

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus in Omaha, we do more than kitchen cabinets. In fact, we can help provide the cabinets, countertops, sink and hardware to get you your dream kitchen. Our staff is also not only knowledgeable about our quality products, but are experts in the field of design. Designing your home’s kitchen for beauty and function is what we’re here to do.

One key component for kitchen design function is the placement of the sink. Your sink location depends on the placement of the kitchen cabinets, fridge and stove range, sink placement is between the fridge and the range. But often in smaller kitchen spaces, this isn’t ideal for maximizing space. When there is limited kitchen counter space in your Omaha home, our kitchen designers often place the sink in a corner. Corner sinks fill less useful corner kitchen countertop space with a useful function.

Incorrect planning of your kitchen layout will reduce the effectiveness of kitchen design. The decision for a corner sink should be taken at the design stage so that the right calculations are made. The sink is the place where most of the kitchen activities take place – from washing hands to food preparation – it’s critical to design it’s placement must be appropriate.

Allow our experts to assist in selecting kitchen cabinets, countertops and hardware, and consider our advice on kitchen design. Our education is pertinent to the success of your design, keeping in mind proper clearances and function. Getting the most out of your investment includes quality products and service, so let our Omaha kitchen design experts help with your dream kitchen.

Omaha Kitchen Cabinet Designers Offer Holiday Kitchens

At Cabinet Factory Outlet, Plus, we offer a wide variety of products and quality manufacturers. In our vast product showroom, our Omaha kitchen designers are eager to listen and help design your dream kitchen. From kitchen cabinets to countertops to overall layout, we love what we do and the clients we serve.

Among the variety of quality kitchen cabinet manufacturers we feature in our Omaha showroom, Holiday Kitchens is one of our favorites. Holiday Kitchens shows commitment to innovation and manufacturing efficiency, all high priorities at Cabinet Factory Outlet, Plus, in Omaha. Holiday Kitchens offers a vast catalog of options including size, style, and construction. This is where Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus designers become the link between you and the kitchen of your dreams.  

At Cabinet Factory Outlet, Plus, our kitchen designers are a great source of expertise for your kitchen cabinet, kitchen countertop or kitchen remodel project. Come stop by our Omaha showroom to see our products and speak with the experts about Holiday Kitchens – you won’t be disappointed!


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